Series: FFF6136

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100,000 Dollars

Series: FFF6136

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    Terms & Conditions
    1. To enter into the eligible events, you must buy at least one product and select a ticket allocated to you from our website.
    2. There is no limit to the number of entries per entrant, subject to raffle ticket availability.
    3. Prize subject to the Terms and Conditions imposed by the Prize Provider. Read More...

    Prize Details

    100,000 Dollars

    Series No : FFF6136

    Tickets : 5 Remaining / Out of 500

    Manufacture :


    How It Works

    Basically there are two types of tickets – Standard Ticket and Group Ticket. You need to select any of the ticket that you want standard or group from our website.

    • Standard Tickets: If you select standard ticket you can choose a single ticket of your choice or a quick pick. In a quick pick randomly one ticket will be generated which you need to choose. If you win the raffle draw we will notify you and the raffle prizes will be transferred to your account. In standard ticket you will get the full amount of prize money.

    • Group Tickets: If you decide to purchase group ticket then you can select multiple ticket of your choice. The greatest benefit of selecting group ticket is you need to pay less for more tickets. If you select tickets in group there are greater chances of winning raffle draw. The winning amount is divided among the group and the prize money will be added to their wallet. You should keep a note that the prize cannot be delivered to the group team.

    • Share Tickets: By selecting Share tickets,you can choose more than one chance to win at cheap rates, You can take part in the big prize raffle draw,without paying a large amount of money. Each ticket has two or more participants, who can also choose the same ticket of your choice and in case this ticket wins, the prize will be automatically divided and distributed equally to all participants who also choose the same ticket.