Why Choose King Rox?

Why should you prefer King Rox? What makes us better than any other competitor draws and online stores? We offer:

Why Choose King Rox?
Free group tickets online
Million of Cash

Real grand prizes including millions of dollars in cash

Live Draws

Live streaming of draw on Facebook, Youtube, VK, and many such platforms so that you can see it live and viewers can view their live reactions and comments on the big LED TV which is placed on the stage.

Grand Prize

The largest product catalog and grand prizes.

Raffle Tickets

Multiple free raffle tickets i.e., Standard Ticket, Group Ticket and Share ticket.

Guarantee Cash

$100,000 guarantee in case you find any proof of fraud.

Group raffle ticket
Customer Satisfaction

A commitment to customer satisfaction.

We’ll explain all these a bit more to help you understand what makes King Rox the name you can trust.

We offer real grand prizes including motorbikes, cars, and even millions in cash. Winner also has a choice of taking a grand prize or cash equivalent.Our prizes are always updated and you can be sure of getting the best in the segment with every draw.

We stream raffle draw live on Facebook, YouTube, VK, andmany more such platforms.

You can leave your comments during live streaming. All comments will be displayed live from which you can assure that you are watching the real live feed.

In case of any technical issue with the live-stream, we will immediately pause the draw and resume it from that point only when the issue is resolved.

At King Rox, we have a large catalog of products and associated prizes. From shirts,hoodies, caps, bracelets, and polo-shirts you can choose anything you need. With every purchase you will get a free complimentary ticket and a chance to enter our lucky draw for huge prizes to become a millionaire. If you wish to donate the product to charity then you can donate it.

We offer two types of complimentary tickets – they are Standard Ticket and Group Ticket. If you opt for standard ticket then you get one chance of winning while if you choose group tickets your chances of winning increases. Group ticket offer greater advantages as you pay less and the chances of winning are also more. No other site offers you this amount of flexibility and choices. Even other sites do not let you choose the ticket number by yourself; they automatically provide you the raffle ticket. At King Rox we provide you the option to choose your lucky number or favorite number ticket. Our prize list includes cash prizes, bikes, cars, electronic gadgets and more. We continuously update our prizes to give you the latest and the best.

If you find any proof of a fraud or scam in the King Rox live draw or prize schemes, then we will pay you $100,000- it’s that simple!

In case our products do not reach you within 80 days, we will ship a replacement product. If you find any quality issues, reach out to us and we will provide you with the best solution possible! At King Rox, we are focused on ensuring customer satisfaction for all our users.

King Rox is the one place that you can trust to help you realize your dreams and become a millionaire. There are no hidden T&Cs with our contests,we keep full transparency with our customers- that’s the King Rox promise.

You can reach us at Help@kingrox.com in case of any queries.